EOT Cranes

EOT Cranes

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We offer redid outline answers for our customers by method for assembling superb Single & Double Girder EOT cranes running from 5 Tons to 150 Tons limit and compasses to a greatest of 45mts. The extraordinary highlights of our Single & Double Girder eot cranes are:

* Optimum outline of the structure keeping away from dead weight and decreasing the expense of the hardware.

* Low head room which thus lessens the expense of the shed/constructing

* Minimum support and low running expense

* Simplified open sort outline which considers simple support

* Wide determination of operational speeds according to the necessity of the client

* Customized outline

* Competitive Prices

* Welded box support plan

* Pendent and radio remote control frameworks

* Micro raising office

* Provided with all security entomb locks

* Provided with a VVVF drive for long travel movement to maintain a strategic distance from effect loads.