Cable Pulling Winch - Hydraulic Operated

Cable Pulling Winch - Hydraulic Operated
Product Description

Cable Pulling Winch - Hydraulic Operated

AacessEquipments are pioneersin manufacturing of all types of Cable Pulling Winches which are used in pullingand laying of underground heavy duty cables, we offer a wide range of winches meetingthe needs of the clients. These winches are very sturdy and are designed to performvery well on site.

These winches are very muchpreferred in pulling the electrical cables for underground cabling, CablePulling Winches - Hydraulic Operated draw power from an I C engine and feeds aclosed loop hydro pump and this pump drives a double capstan via a hydro motorand a gear box. In the case of pay in or pay out  of the wire rope to pull the cable is providedfrom a rope holding drum which keeps the total wire rope wound on it and offersthe same to double capstan turret whenever it is needed.

A small hydro motor drives the ropedrum to windand un-wind it. The winch is also provided with a wire rope guidingmechanism for ensuring proper laying of the wire rope on the drum. The total unitis controlled through control panel having a HMI and a PLC for controlling theunit for speed and load

PullingCap Range - 3 ton, 5ton, 10 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton & 25 ton

WireRope Lengths -500 mtrs, 750 mtrs and 1000mtrs.



Provisionto enter Project Details, Cable Details and Cable Size.


Length of the Cable being pulled isdisplayed on HMI.


The Load Value in Kgs and Speed Valuein Mts/min can be fed into the PLC through HMI.


Rope guide mechanism for appropriatelaying of wire rope.


Hand Op. Servo Control System forVarying the Speed during Pay In and Pay Out.


Facility to take a print out of the loadand speed of pulling as per your convenience.


Canopy to protect the unit frommechanical damage. 


Bypass facility available duringoverload and speed.Mounted on wheels and can be towed anywhere with the aid ofa prime mover


The Pulling speed is 18 mpm and payout speed is 30 mpm, thereby speeding up of work.


No other electrical power is neededas the controls are functioning on 12 Volts DC drawn from the battery.


The unit runs on 12 Volts DC powerdrawn for the battery which is charged through an alternator fitted to theengine.

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